WTA LTD. incorporated during 2001 with the purpose of providing G.S.A and G.H.A services to airlines flying to Israel, as well as offline airlines in the sphere of cargo operations and sales.

The founders and chief executive have over two decades of experience in the airline industry, including the representation in Israel of airlines such as Delta Airlines, Korean Air, Pan Am and Air Canada in cargo.
The idea was to establish a company which is different from the other GSA’s in Israel (most of the G.S.A’S in Israel are cargo agents) – a company that will be fully neutral towards the Forwarders and shippers. WTA has outstanding relations with all parties involved in the cargo business in Israel – based on a common past we have excellent relations with the top management of the two local carriers in Israel – EL AL and C.A.L – Cargo Airlines Ltd. Both airlines are ready to assist us in shipping our cargo to their destinations in Europe.


The most important issue is that we have excellent relationships with all the main forwarders operating in Israel (part of them are partners of the main worldwide forwarders such as DHL, Panalpina, UPS, K&N, AEI, Bax Global, Schenker, DSV, Fridenson, Morrison, Fedex, Leader mutual, KWE and others) They are business partners primarily because of our neutrality.

The highly developed and advanced Israeli export market uplifts its products all over the world, and naturally air transportation take a very important role in this. The market constantly looks for new channels / solutions in order to get better service for these shipments, especially those that are targeting destinations far from Israel.

WTA is geared and structured to provide just such a service.


WTA Managing Director is Mr. David Zelnik, brought the knowledge and many years of experience in the freight aviation world,our staff is dedicated and qualified (according to IATA regulations) to take care of all kinds of cargo operations, loading and unloading aircrafts (ramp supervision), reservations, sales, tracing, claims and special cargo handling : D.G.R, AVI, PER, HUM and Freighter Materiel.

We have already been nominated as G.S.A of:

  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • China Airlines
  • Sri Lankan
  • Kenya Airways
  • South Africa Airways
  • Taag Angola
  • Air Baltic

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David Zelnik

CEO & Owner



Dudy Varsano

Vice President Commercial



Kfir Reznik

Sales Administrator



Micha Moradi

Sales and Operations Supervisor



Ziva Dadashev


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Aviv Zelnik

Flight Operations


Nissim Mizrachi



Miri Ashkenazi


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Niv Negev

Flight Operations



Danielle Haramati




Rachel Mizrachi


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Stav Mizrachi

Flight Operations


About WTA

WTA LTD. incorporated during 2001 with the purpose of providing G.S.A and G.H.A services to airlines flying to Israel, as well as offline airlines in the sphere of cargo operations and sales.

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